College for Kids program at Merced College

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Monday, June 26, 2023
College for Kids program at Merced College
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Children in middle school and younger have the opportunity to learn about different cultures, sports, and science at Merced College.

MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) -- Merced College is "serving" up a variety of experiences for young students this summer.

The College for Kids program dates back to 1976, and this year it includes new classes and several favorites.

Instructor Keith Tetangco is teaching tennis.

"Yeah, it's great. It's the reason why I do this. I love to see players get into the game. It's such a good sport to play," Tetangco said. "It's really fun to see them enjoy the game. and hope that they can continue a career with it."

This is just one of the many sports camps offered for children ages 6 to 13.

Others include soccer, golf, and even self-defense! There are also classes for aquatics, cooking, history, and courses that teach about Mexican, French, and Hmong cultures.

"I think there is a dinosaur class they have. I actually teach the science class as well, science and engineering class where we do hands-on projects and things like that, so lots of opportunities," Tetangco said. "I know there is sign language, I think I saw, so lots of different things."

The classes are offered in three sessions through the end of July, and there's still time to sign up.

Parents can also enroll themselves in summer classes and receive free courses for their children.

To register for the summer classes, click here.

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