Christmas Tree Lane preparation

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Christmas decorations, more than one million lights across two miles and lots of smiles, this is Christmas Tree Lane.

It does not all happen overnight, it takes weeks of preparation. Opening night is almost here an Dean Alexander Christmas Tree Lane chairman says, the pressure is on for their 95th year.

"It is crunch time this week," said Alexander. "We will pretty much be having 12 to 16 hour days getting everything ready to go. It is fun, but it is very hectic to get everything done."

Just a few weeks ago Shelley Borcherding moved to Christmas Tree Lane.

"Simple is better right now, so we are going to do white multi-colored icicle lights all around the perimeter," said Borcherding.

She inherited her house from her grandmother, who recently passed away from a stroke.

"I grew up right when it started and I have seen all of it explode until now, so I am feeling a lot of pressure," said Borcherding.

Borcherding said her grandmother stopped decorating in the 90s because of her old age, so she reached out to her friends and family for help. So far the Borcherding family has spent $500 on lights, but she says she still needs more.

"I really want to keep it under a thousand if I can because I know I am going to need more than this," said Borcherding.

She is hoping to have her home ready by Monday night -- a task made a little easier by her kids.

"We are two parents and two toddlers trying to put together lights, so you will have to forgive us. they will be a little bit haphazard, but they will be up," said Borcherding.

Christmas Tree Lane opens on Saturday with their first walk night. Shuttles will be available for each walk night through Tree Fresno. Tickets are $8 and can be purchased at Whole Foods, on their website and on site.

Shuttles will leave from their north station located at Palm near San Jose and Shaw and at their south station located at Van Ness Blvd at Andrews near Shields.
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