Losing weight and getting fit in synergy

Lives are being changed at Synergy Fitness Center in Northeast Fresno.

The music is pumping as people go from station to station to strength train.

For Jason Farris, CEO of FresYes Realty, Synergy changes lives.

It changed his almost two years ago and continues to do so today.

"Trips to the cardiologist, those are over. I'm fully cleared from the cardiologist. I am not avoiding stairs, or the camera anymore. I am comfortable with who I am and being able to live my best life," Farris says.

Farris struggled with his weight as an adult.

At his heaviest, he weighed 365 pounds.

"I could not get on a plane and use one seat belt, I had to use two."

He tried different gyms and trainers, but he couldn't find the right match until he met Walt Gonzalez, trainer and owner of Synergy Fitness.

What set Gonzalez apart from the rest was his dedication to Farris.

"Not once has he been late, not once has he said, hey I'm not feeling good today, I can't make it in. For me, that is what I needed."

The key was accountability and to date, Farris has lost 135 pounds.

Gonzalez is proud of his progress.

"The joy of being a personal trainer is transforming people's lives and helping them get the most out of themselves and so if I can provide somebody with longevity and life, that is the ultimate goal," Gonzalez says.

Farris is now helping Gonzalez reach that goal.

They've partnered up to bring Synergy up to date and provide everyone with the same level of accountability.

One way is through technology.

They can track fitness and do personalized wake-up calls.

Gonzalez says they lacked in this area.

"You adapt, overcome, or die when it comes to business and in this situation, I needed to adapt," he says.

The two have already started making changes and will continue working in perfect synergy to improve lives.
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