Couple have the wedding they never expected due to the coronavirus pandemic

More and more couples are turning to alternative plans after their weddings have been postponed due to COVID-19.

Ashley and Matt Sharack decided to tie the knot in their front yard. Their original wedding date was April 25.

"We are excited to get a family started. So, we're just like, let's elope," said bride Ashley Sharack.

But not everything went according to plan.

"We just had everything shipped like rings, dresses. Nothing showed up," said Ashley.

"Everything that could go wrong just kept going wrong but we just kept going with it and it was really lovely," said groom Matt Sharack.

They had a few friends watching from a distance and more than 100 loved ones tuned in through Zoom.

"We're still getting messages from family members saying it was the best wedding they'd ever been to and they weren't even there," said Ashley.