Worker left dangling after window-washer platform smashed into skyscraper in Canada

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Monday, October 28, 2019
Worker left dangling after platform crashes into skyscraper
A worker was left dangling after gusty winds smashed a window-washer platform into a skyscraper in Canada.

EDMONTON, Canada -- A worker was left dangling from a window-washing platform after it crashed into a skyscraper in Canada.

Horrified spectators who watched from across the street captured the incident on video. The platform started swinging around after high winds swept through the area.

The platform repeatedly smashed into the Stantec Tower and broke several windows. The worker fell off the platform, but managed to hold on for dear life.

The worker and at least one other person on the platform were rescued.

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services reported the incident on Facebook. "Eventful, blustery afternoon in downtown Edmonton today. Harsh winds blew scaffolding into the side of Stantec Tower calling on the need for both a Ladder and the Technical Rescue Team. Crew members working on the scaffolding were secured properly via harnesses and are fortunately unharmed."