Davis police release new details on the night 22-year-old Officer Natalie Corona was killed

ByJulianne Herrera via KGO logo
Friday, January 11, 2019
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The Davis Police Department provides an update on the shooting that took the life of an officer.

DAVIS, Calif. -- Davis Police are releasing new details about the fatal shooting of 22-year-old Officer Natalie Corona.

In a press conference Friday night, 24 hours after Corona was killed, police detailed the finding of the shooting suspect.

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While Corona was responding to a multi-car collision, the suspect rode up on a bicycle, in the shadows, and opened fire.

He hit Officer Corona once, and she fell to the ground, police said.

Then, the suspect continued shooting her, unloading an entire magazine.

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When he was out of bullets, the suspect reloaded and began shooting in other directions, police said.

Firetrucks were struck by the gunfire. A firefighter was hit in the boot, but not injured. A bystander wearing a backpack says the backpack was hit by a bullet.

No one was injured, except for Officer Corona.

Police say after his shooting rampage, the gunman fled southbound on C Street toward 3rd Street. He then circled back up E Street, confronting residents.

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He found a roommate of his and reportedly acted like nothing had happened. They went inside a residence and watched as officers swarmed the area, police said.

Officers soon found him using info they got from a backpack he dropped.

The suspect came outside the residence with a ballistic vest on, and appeared to be unarmed.

Then he went inside, and returned with a gun, then went back inside. This is when police heard a gunshot.

A robot with a camera was sent inside, and this is how officers discovered the suspect was dead.

His identity is not being released.