Dragon School in Oakland turns blank walls into works of art to build community

ByJason Beal Localish logo
Tuesday, December 8, 2020
Dragon School turns blank walls into works of art
Dragon School gives anyone with an interest in art an opportunity to express themselves by transforming blank walls into engaging murals.Dragon School aims at building strong communities through art and creativity.

OAKLAND, Calif. -- A blank wall may seem like a blank canvas to some -- an opportunity to create something unique, beautiful, thought-provoking, or simply fun. That's the mission of Dragon School, based in Oakland, Calif.

Dragon School is a nonprofit organization that uses art and creativity to strengthen communities. They give emerging artists or anyone with an interest in art the opportunity to express themselves and help beautify their neighborhood by taking blank walls and creating unique and engaging murals.

"Art can be anything, and it should be accessible to anybody and everybody because it's just a way to express yourself," said Kayleen Dejesus, a Bay Area artist.