Tobacco ban, more parking spots: Fresno City College makes changes to campus

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno City College has welcomed back its students for the fall semester.

Throughout the campus, information booths were set up with helpful information, and students who got there early were treated to free coffees.

President Dr. Carole Goldsmith said they've made a few changes to help alleviate parking congestion.

"We've been able to add some parking spaces by re-configuring one of our lots. Our district office moved downtown, so that freed up 120 parking stalls. We are excited," she said.

However, Fresno City College student Justice Mitchell said parking was still tricky.

"We rode around for almost 30 minutes trying to park. The campus was full so we parked on the streets," she explained.

Mitchell mentioned it does not even seem like more parking was added.

"I didn't make it to my first class, and I came early," she said while laughing.

Dr. Goldsmith said the are plans to redo the other lots to add in more parking. She said she knows a parking structure is needed, but that is still a couple of years down the line.

People who are interested in taking classes but cannot make it to the main campus can try out one of Fresno City College's remote sites at Edison High and Sunnyside High schools. This year they've expanded.

"We have all sorts of different classes there. We have some general education courses and some fun courses. There is something there for everyone," Goldsmith said. "This year we expanded to Kerman High School and we are also at Bitwise downtown".

Those classes will start in two weeks.

"There is still time for you to come back to school. It's not too late we are here for you," Goldsmith said.

On the main campus, students who use tobacco will now have to go off campus if they want to light a cigarette, vape or chew.
"We know smoking is not a healthy thing. So we too have decided to be a smoke-free campus like most of California. So if you are smoking we want you to quit," Goldsmith said.

The school does offer classes through their health center to help students kick the habit.

"We want to make sure our students get the message, we care about you, we want you to be healthy, we want you to stop smoking, and we are here to help as well," she explained.

Not all the students were sold on this new ban.

Students were still smoking on campus, but Goldsmith said staff would start cracking down, giving out fines, in the next few weeks.

Not all the students were sold on the new ban.

Kataleena Parra was smoking with friends. She likes that there is help available but isn't ready to quit.

"A lot of people do smoke and a lot of these people are adults. I feel we should have our own smoking area because not everybody wants to go across the street to smoke a cigarette, when we were allowed to do it right here to begin with," said Parra.

If you are interested in taking any classes at Fresno City College, click here.
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