Electric bikes gaining momentum in the United States

Mia Cheeseman is a competitive cyclist, but when it comes to day-to-day biking, she is all about the practicality.

"Primarily to displace the car, and limit my carbon footprint."

One of Cheeseman's new cycling toys her electric bike, or "e-bike." They have a small, battery-powered electric motor that activates only when you pedal.

"It really does save you, especially in times like you're running late for a meeting, or there's a giant hill, just to have a little boost."

Ben Stites works on bikes, and has ridden several of the electric versions. He said he likes that they allow cycling to become a more feasible option as a form of workday transportation.

"An eBike could make a big difference in not arriving to work covered in sweat. Also for people who may be older or less fit."

But Stites warns riders can't get too comfortable.

"You're still out there working, climbing the hills. It's helping you out, but you're still doing a fair portion of the work."

The electricity around e-bikes is surging, with an estimated $32 million in sales in 2016. That's more than triple just two years ago.

Bike expert Darren Buck said e-bikes are the future.

"We're gonna see them evolve towards all kinds of new uses-- like using them for last mile freight delivery, using them for families-- to make the daycare drop-off for kids."

As for cost, the majority of e-bikes will set you back one grand or more. Bike specialists offer some advice before you make an investment.

"The best bike is the one you're actually gonna ride," said Buck.

Cheeseman looks forward to sharing the road with more e-bikers-- starting with her parents.

"I would love to see them on an eBike, versus not being as active."
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