Master Falconer Antoni Balestreri introduces wonders of falconry to Bay Area

ByChris Bollini Localish logo
Tuesday, December 20, 2022
Discover the wonders of falconry
Attendees of Master Falconer Antoni Balestreri educational presentations can see birds of prey up close.Master Falconer Antoni Balestreri holds educational presentations at Carmel Valley Ranch to share his love of birds of prey.

CARMEL VALLEY, Calif. -- Master Falconer Antoni Balestreri uses falconry to share his love of birds of prey.

"When I saw my first bird of prey, I immediately fell in love," Balestreri admits, "Falconry is an amazing thing and a lot of people are just unaware of it."

Falconry involves training falcons or other birds of prey to hunt.

"I don't hunt with them anymore. I don't have the time," Balestreri reveals, "Falconry is using my license to teach people about birds of prey."

Balestreri holds educational presentations where attendees can see his birds up close.

"Showing them how beautiful they are, what their role is in nature, what are some of the challenges they face," Balestreri explains, "By doing that, people can appreciate them more."

Connecting people with the majesty of these birds is a big part of Balestreri's legacy of conversation.

"Why would someone protect something that they don't know about, they don't care about," Balestreri shares. "You have to start with the caring."

Balestreri's presentations are held at Carmel Valley Ranch. For more information visit here.