Video shows a South Jersey infant feeding himself at just 18 days old!

A South Jersey newborn is redefining the term "milestones" and blowing parental minds with what he's already able to do.

Mom, Navy, sent us video of her firstborn, Adam Power, feeding himself from a bottle at just 18 days old.

To give you some perspective, experts say most babies don't have the fine-motor skills required to hold a bottle until they're at least 6 months old.

Navy, tells Action News her mother-in-law gave Adam a bottle to see what would happen, when he was just one week old.

To her surprise, the Pennsauken infant tilted it up and started drinking.

The family only started documenting it recently, recording another video of Adam holding the bottle again at 19 days old.

In that clip, the newborn actually threw the bottle down after draining it... like a baby boss.

Navy says she uploaded the videos of Adam, who was just born on April 6th, to show the world how remarkable the newborn brain is.
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