Fans flock to Black Panther screenings at Maya in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- From the long lines to the LED message board, moviegoers of all ages, some in costumes, anxiously waited to see The Black Panther.

The movie is touted as the first modern superhero motion picture to have a predominately black cast and women in lead roles.

Dr. T. Hasan Johnson teaches Africana Studies at Fresno State. He says it's powerful to watch African Americans in their own three-dimensional characters who were not just in the background.

"Black men and women were represented strongly, very intelligently and as human beings. Full dimensional human beings, meaning they could be heroic and they could be villains, meaning they could be good and bad," Johnson said.

Moe Platt says in addition to that the film was different from most Marvel Films.

"There was a lot of heartfelt passion in there, a lot of hurt, a lot of leadership, Great loyalty," Platt said.

A storyline that David Sims says was also filled with the diversity that has been lacking on the silver screen for too long.

"You grow up and you're used to seeing Superman, Spiderman, Hulk and all of your oldest favorites but I think this from a cultural standpoint is for everybody it doesn't matter what color you are it is for everybody," Sims said.
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