'Safe and sane' fireworks officially on sale in Valley

Officials describe illegal fireworks as the ones that leave the ground or explode.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022
'Safe and sane' fireworks officially on sale in Valley
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"Safe and sane" fireworks officially went on sale in the Valley on Tuesday.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's officially fireworks season!

The 'Safe and sane' fireworks, which are the only approved fireworks for the Fourth of July, are now on sale.

Dozens of fireworks stands have popped up across the Valley.

Many of the stands are operated by nonprofit groups.

Vendors at the fireworks stand on Olive and Palm in central Fresno prepared for this year's 'Safe and sane' fireworks sale.

Rus and Jannah Picket represented the local nonprofit, 12th Man Foundation. The non-profit uses athletics to empower inner-city youth, and they hope to raise enough money to pay for the basketball team's AAU travel.

Jannah Pickett said while prices have gone up just a little with inflation, she's excited for the new online mobile orders and product options.

"There are some new things that we are unpacking and we are like 'Oh that's awesome'. Thankfully we have not really dealt with much shortage. Their warehouse is stocked and ready to refill us up," she said.

Rus Pickett said he's anticipating a good turnout. "And celebrate not only 4th of July, but also what we are here for, and again that's to bridge the gap from a financial standpoint for our inner-city student-athletes through athletics," he said.

Ahead of the sales, the Fresno police and fire departments released a new public service announcement in their effort to crack down on illegal fireworks.

Officials describe illegal fireworks as the ones that leave the ground or explode.

They go on to say that illegal fireworks can cause damage to the community.

The PSA shows previous damage from illegal fireworks in the city.

Now, the fine for using illegal fireworks or even hosting an event where illegal fireworks are present is up to $5,000.

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Fire officials say the investigators who respond will work on a case-by-case basis and use discretion as to who faces fines.

People popping off fireworks in front of your house won't necessarily mean you will face a fine but officials encourage you to report it.

"That will be a great way to defend yourself," says councilmember Mike Karbassi. "Call it in. Give us the data. Help us go out there and stop them from doing that."

The move for the harsher penalties comes in light of worsening drought conditions and a record number of fires in the city.

Last year on July 4 alone, crews responded to 125 fires.

Officials say the fire department and police department will be canvassing the city before the Fourth and during to make sure these laws are enforced.

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Fresno Fire Deputy Fire Marshal Jay Tracy said if authorities end up catching you having started a fire, then most likely you will be arrested.

"I kind of have a love-hate relationship with it due to my current position," Tracy said. "And how busy we were on the fourth, I don't think I've gotten to celebrate on the fourth of July with my family in probably ten years. So, with that in mind we ask that you be safe."

You can report illegal fireworks by calling 559-621-7000 or clicking here.

If you do happen to possess illegal fireworks, then you can take them to any fire station and turn them in with no questions asked.

The fireworks stand will be open from 9 am to 10pm until July 6th.