Fresno Native, NFL star Jaylon Johnson gives back to his community

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Sunday, May 21, 2023
Fresno Native, NFL star Jaylon Johnson gives back to his community
Fresno Native Jaylon Johnson was in town hosting a football camp through his non-profit that he started in honor of his late best friend for good.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- There's a reason he was voted the Chicago Bear's Walter Payton Man of the Year.

Fresno Native Jaylon Johnson using Kevvy's Vision, a non-profit he started in honor of his best friend Kevvion Schrubb, for good.

Schrubb was shot and killed less than two years ago.

Sports Anchor Alec Nolan spoke with the NFL star as he continues to empower his hometown.


Alec -- How are you feeling being back home?

Jaylon -- Good. I'm always HOME I mean, it doesn't it doesn't feel different for me. I'm supposed to be here. My family's here communities here. So I'm here.

Alec -- And I know you do this for Kevin's vision. So for someone who doesn't know what that is, how would you describe your organization?

Jaylon -- I would definitely say it's a nonprofit that just gives back to the community local community wanted to spread into the Chicago community by just helping and empower and families Christmas events, whether it's Thanksgiving event giving back turkeys and food and things like that or even give giving scholarships. We just want to be able to help out the kids and the families.

Alec -- Last year when we spoke, you didn't talk about making a pro bowl you didn't talk about the games. You said, I feel like I have a really great opportunity to do things for future generations of my family. What did you mean by that?

Jaylon -- I feel like for me, I'm not just on I'm not on this earth to just play football. I'm not on this earth just to have the glory and the fame that people think comes with being an NFL I mean, for me, it's just about changing lives. And my life has changed for me to be touchable to the youth for the kids be able to see me to talk to me and be able to interact and see that I was in their shoes and they can get where I'm at and even if it's not in NFL you can still be a successful businessman, entrepreneur, doctor, whatever it may be. Kids can still succeed, kids can still reach their goals and whatever that may be. And I just want them to be able to know that and see that

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