Fresno police officer injured while chasing drunk suspect

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno Police have arrested a man who they say put his child's life at risk Thursday night.

Authorities say it initially happened near Ventura and 8th around 9:30 pm.

When police arrived, they said it was unclear what was happening until they discovered a man was in a domestic situation with the mother of his child.

Police say the man eventually drove off with the child, adding that he was extremely drunk.

The woman followed the man and Fresno police's air unit was able to help locate the suspect.

Officers found the man near Sierra Vista Ave. and E. Cambridge Ave.

When officers tried arresting the man, they say he ran away and jumped over a fence into a backyard.

During that on-foot chase, one of the officers injured his knee while trying to jump over the fence.

The suspect was eventually arrested. The child was found safe in the car.

Police say the suspect has multiple prior arrests and DUI convictions.

The child was reunited with his mother.
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