Local postal services working to get mail delivered before Christmas

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Friday, December 24, 2021
Local postal services working to get mail delivered before Christmas
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Millions of letters and packages have postal employees moving at warp speed in an attempt to get all those items delivered in time for Christmas.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Time is running out to get your mail delivered by Christmas -- in fact, it might already be too late, depending on where it's going.

Action News got a look at the work happening behind the scenes in Fresno for the postal service.

"Between Thanksgiving and Christmas is about 450 million letters," said Fresno Processing and Distribution Center Manager Dawes Carter.

Although time is running out you can still get your items delivered to loved ones for December 25 but depending on where it's going, it'll cost you.

"If you go Priority Express, you can still make it by Christmas Day, but you'll probably pay about three times the regular rate," said Carter.

About 100 seasonal employees were hired at this plant alone to help scan, sort and process the seemingly endless amount of mail during the holidays.

"We have great employees, this is our time to shine. It's all about processing the mail and getting that package and that holiday cheer to each and every doorstep out there," said Fresno Post Master Rodney Romero.

And for all you last-minute mailers -- Carter has some advice.

"If they're looking at Christmas and if you're sending it to someone in this area or within Southern California, get it down here today (Thursday)," Carter said. "Outside of that, it'll be two or three days before it could get there."