Former Bulldogs head coach Pat Hill inducted into Fresno State Ring of Honor

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Sunday, October 29, 2023
Former Bulldogs head coach Pat Hill inducted into Fresno State Ring of Honor
Just like his old boss Jim Sweeney, former Bulldogs head coach Pat Hill entered the Fresno State Ring of Honor Saturday.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- "I'll be a bulldog til I die."

Saturday, 15 year former Bulldog coach Pat Hill was inducted into the ring of honor.

Hill followed the legendary Jim Sweeney and started coaching in 1997. His first recruit - former number one pick in the NFL Draft, David Carr.

"With Pat you always knew where you stood and he told you exactly what he expected out of you, and I think that's why he has good football teams," Carr said. "Because everybody knew their role, everybody knew what their job was."

Carr adding Hill's legacy extends far beyond Fresno state.

"When you get out of the valley and you go - we were on the east coast for a long time, we were down in Texas, everybody knows about Fresno state football because of Pat," Carr said.

Former players surrounded Hill Saturday night for his induction, and tell Action News the impact he's made on their life is unimaginable.

"Coach Hill for one has done a lot for me, coming out of high school, he gave me a chance, he was the one that brought me into Fresno and kind of just took a second chance on me," Former Bulldogs tight end Mark Wood said.

"A lot of people traveled a long way to be here, Coach Hill has always been a standup guy, he'll go get you if you can play, and he gave you an opportunity, graduate and made a lot of boys men," Former Bulldogs linebacker Ahijah Lane said.

"He made it so that he was able to relate to the players that he brought in, and we went out there and we showcased that Fresno state and bulldog football is a forced to really be reckoned with within the nation," Former Bulldogs wide receiver Bernard Berrian said.

While the Fu manchu will be a part of his impact - Hill says he's proud of the greatness of the program today.

"I think the only legacy I left was I'm a part of a legacy is that I'm a part of a legacy that's much greater, thats Fresno state football and I'm just glad I was able to contribute," Hill said.

Outside of shut up and hit somebody ... there's only one thing left to say...

"Anybody, anytime, anywhere," Hill said.

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