Fresno State students team up with Amazon to build 'Bulldog Bot'

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- There's a new bulldog on the block at Fresno State and this one has an interesting twist!

The Bulldog Bot is a robotic bulldog created by Fresno State technology students.

"It can tell you jokes and play videos and ask you trivia questions," explained graduate student Shifatul Islam. "It will quiz you and give you points if you win. It's fun, we're trying to make it as fun as possible."

Students and staff saw other schools making similar robots and decided to make one of their own.

"It's not exclusive to the students graduating from the ivy leagues," said Fresno State Chief Information Officer Orlando Leon. "Our students here in the Central Valley really need these experiences as well."

Thanks to a partnership with Amazon and months of hard work, the Bulldog Bot is now a staple at campus events. So far its made appearances at homecoming week, football games and day of giving.

"We would go out and show people and they would be like wow this is so cool," explained freshman Jon Case. "They'd ask about it and it's really cool to show how we can spread joy in the community."

This is just the start, by the end of the semester they hope to have several robots programmed to engage students and alleviate some stress during finals week.
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