Fresno vendors gear up for a busy Valentine's Day, police stress safety during the day

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Thursday, February 15, 2024
Fresno vendors gear up for a busy Valentine's Day, police stress safety during the day
Local vendors are busy as people in Fresno rush to buy their last-minute gifts for Valentine's Day.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- People in Fresno are rushing to buy their last-minute gifts from flowers to chocolate. Making it a very busy day for local vendors.

Driving down Tulare Avenue in Southeast Fresno, vendors set up on the sidewalk were selling everything from flowers to gifts and chocolate.

Linda Torres and her daughter unloaded their car and set up their table, which was filled with Valentine's Day merchandise. They were getting ready for people to buy their last-minute gifts.

Torres spent hours preparing for the holiday.

"It does take up your time," said Torres, "a lot of your time trying to figure out the way you want it and how you want to present it."

She said Valentine's and Mother's Day are her busiest days.

"A lot of people show their appreciation of buying stuff, taking them out," said Torres, "that's the way people show their love."

It was Torres' first time selling at that location. Torres has been out there for the last few days. On Tuesday night, she was even there till 9 p.m.

With people making their last minute buys, Fresno Police want people to keep this in mind.

"When they're out and about shopping, be aware of their surroundings," said Sgt. Diana Trueba Vega with the Fresno Police Department, "especially if they are shopping out, maybe like a public vendor out on the streets."

Fresno Police said so far they haven't received any reports involving vendors.

On a busy holiday, Torres says she tries to stay alert of her surroundings. She'll also have her friends and family with her.

"We'll walk around," said Torres, "we make sure we look at who walks or who's looking or who's staring," said Torres.

Sgt. Trueba Vega also said having multiple people and safety in numbers is what they're encouraging vendors to do.

If buying from a vendor, Fresno Police urges people to pay the exact amount instead of using big bills. Police add that officers will be out in force tonight making sure that couples and families stay safe while they're out for their Valentine's Day plans.

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