Shelter-in-place: 'Reopen California' demonstrations to be held across the state

Demonstrations are scheduled in several major California cities.

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Friday, May 1, 2020
'Reopen California' demonstrations to be held in SF, across the state
Protests to reopen California are scheduled for Friday, May 1 in San Francisco, Los Angeles and other major cities across the state.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- At least 11 rallies are set to start at noon in California today. People will be demanding that the stay-at-home orders be lifted.

"The rights of people are being suspended and the constitution trampled on and that's the biggest problem we have at this time," says Vivian Ray who is a business owner helping to organize the Sacramento rally Friday.

Demonstrations are also set to happen in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Ray says that many businesses are being hurt with some being able to stay open but others forced to close.

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Opposition to the rallies is very high. Especially online where Christopher Martin writes, "Too early, too soon. STAY HOME."

Others that we talked with in San Francisco agree. Eric Westcott says we have to listen to the doctors.

He is strongly opposed to Friday's rallies saying, "There's always going to be those that are a little selfish and think about themselves first."

Neeharika Vinod feels for the millions of people who have lost their job but believes everyone's health should come first.

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"All of us at some point in the day end up going out a little bit selfish to overdo that because not only are you at risk you are putting others at risk."

Ray says they have sent thousands of emails to Governor Newsom on this matter, disagreeing with orders he has put into place.

Despite his daily press briefings, she says there is a lack of response to their demands.

"At this point he is acting like some tyrannical king out of control that won't speak to the people."

It is important to note that the governor speaks every day at noon. Those briefings are posted online and sometimes on TV. He has taken reporter questions and says the numbers aren't where they need to be and therefore the stay at home order is still in place.