Local entrepreneur helping businesses give back to workers, clients

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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- If you're looking for a way to celebrate your employees for their hard work or searching for a way to thank a client, but don't have the gift of gifting, there's a Valley-based service for that.

Kaysha Rajani's personal touch is what makes Curated Giftables a go-to for modern and memorable gift-giving.

"Gifting is a really great way to help people build relationships with one another, and just bringing joy through gifting is so much fun," she said.

The founder and creative director of the large-scale custom gifting service launched during the pandemic, a time when facetime with colleagues and employees could only be done virtually.

"Each box is custom curated to fit the client's brand, their budget or their gifting goals," Rajani said.

It starts with a consultation call getting to know the employer and what you want the box to represent.

"We'll discuss what kind of things that they've given in the past," Rajani said. "What maybe are some things that are important about their company mission or values that they want to incorporate into the gift. Of course, if it's for a specific occasion or event, we'll talk about that as well."

Rajani works with wholesale retailers but also sources locally if shopping small is important to the company in showcasing the local community.

The cost per gift depends on the budget, but you can visit their website to book a consultation.

The turnaround is typically four weeks but around holidays, anywhere from four to six weeks.

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