Tiger Hood: New York City's Famous Street Golfer

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Wednesday, February 10, 2021
Tiger Hood is NYC's Famous Street Golfer
Move over Tiger Woods! Tiger HOOD is New York's resident street golfer.

NEW YORK -- When Nicholas Heller, better known as New York City's unofficial talent scout, New York Nico, met Tiger Hood, he knew he'd met someone special.

"Tiger is many things, but I met him four years ago as a street golfer. There's a lot behind this man. He's also an amazing street photographer," said Nico. "He's also just a genuine, very sweet, unique New York character. Just a great guy, good friend."

Tiger Hood is known for playing a game known as 'Street Golf', with empty milk cartons he collects from trash bins throughout the city. After New York Nico started posting Instagram photos and videos featuring Tiger, they attracted millions of views and even celebrities like Will Smith.

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