Wild weather: From Disneyland to Vegas, snow, graupel and hail fall at rare spots

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Wednesday, March 1, 2023
Snow falls in Burbank
Light snow and hail were falling in Burbank on Wednesday.

GLENDALE, Calif. -- With a new cold system covering Southern California, many communities saw hail and snowfall at unusually low elevations on Wednesday.

Hail, light snow and graupel were spotted in communities from Glendale to Santa Clarita to Whittier and throughout the Inland Empire. Snowfall was even spotted in the Las Vegas area.

Disneyland also saw some graupel fall from the skies, delighting many park visitors.

That was an unusual sight in communities that almost never see temperatures drop enough to produce those conditions.

In Glendale, what appeared to be a mixture of light snow and hail was falling right outside ABC7's studios around lunchtime.

A mix of light snow and hail was falling outside KABC-TV in Glendale.

The National Weather Service was also reporting many sightings of hail, strong winds and thunderstorms in the Inland Empire.

The NWS said neighborhoods in Las Vegas above 3,000 feet elevation could see snow Wednesday morning.

Last week's massive storm also dropped snow and hail on lower-elevation communities. Some of those communities hadn't seen snow for decades.

Snow falls on Hollywood sign

This is certainly a sight Southern California doesn't see often. Yes, we're talking about snow on the Hollywood sign.

The rain is expected to continue through Wednesday and then skies should clear up Thursday, with conditions remaining dry but cloudy and cool over the next several days.