Workout Wednesday: Best glute exercises to build a stronger backside

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Looking to build a stronger backside?

Well, local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy shares a few of the best glute exercises.

Rhonda says exercises to build the backside are simple motions but take a lot of energy.

She says proper form for the first exercise is to sit on the edge of a chair with your feet shoulder with apart, toes straight.

Rhonda says all you are going to do is stand up and sit down.

She says when you stand, squeeze your buns tight, when you sit stick your bum out and keep your chin lifted.

Rhonda says we sit and stand every day and when we break the motion down and go slow there is a lot to it.

The next exercise will be without the chair.

Rhonda says you can do a squat, which is the same "sitting" motion. You can use light weights to make it harder and you can go lower to make it more intense.

She says it is important as we age to get strong glutes, they help us stand, sit and propel us forward when walking or doing stairs.

Rhonda says it's a simple motion that we do every day, but it can be the hardest exercise you do at the gym.
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