Central California preparing for another extended heat wave

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Central Valley is gearing up for a triple-digit heatwave and the extreme temperatures are impacting people who work outside.

Workers sweating in the heat say they adjust their schedule around the scorching temperatures.

"We start a little bit earlier sometimes when it's a 105," says David Hannameyer. "We'll start at 6 am, off at 2 pm or something. Our 7 am to 3 pm is normal for us and we just try to do what we can - stay out the direct heat as much as possible."

And they take break to hydrate.

"We just drink a lot of water and stay hydrated and do our best to stay in the shade," Hannameyer said. "We try and work around it but we got to do what we have to do to make money."

Temperatures are expected to surpass the triple digit mark Thursday, well into next week.

Mitchel Tatarakis, the owner of Comfort Pro Heating, says they are already seeing a spike in service calls.

"That's one of the best feelings you can possibly have, when you fix somebodies' A/C," he said. "They're happy when you leave. That's one of the best feelings."

Tatarakis says safety is his top priority on the job.
"Know your body," he said. "Make sure that you know what you are comfortable doing. Don't push yourself to the point where you can potentially get hurt because that's not worth it."

The emergency rooms at Community Regional Medical Center sees an influx of patients when the heat goes up.

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The hospital also receives an uptick in heat related illnesses.

Dr. Rene Ramirez reminds you to be cognizant of the time you're spending in direct sun.

He suggests to watch out for symptoms like being tired, lethargic, weak, having a headache, sweating a lot or feeling nauseated.

"Try to get them to a cool and shady place," he said. "If you can get some water and spray water on them with a fan, that works wonders really quick."
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