100 years since construction of a historic downtown Fresno building

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Wednesday, April 3, 2024
100 years since construction of a historic downtown Fresno building
1060 Fulton Street is a historic site in downtown Fresno.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- 1060 Fulton Street is a historic site in downtown Fresno.

While the cars lining the outside of the Pacific Southwest Building in the 1900s look different, the building which started construction in 1924, a decade ago, still looks the same today.

"The Pacific Southwest Building is one of those buildings that is the most recognizable, the most noticeable, and as you enter into Fresno, when you're coming into Fresno, that's the building that you see," said Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer.

While the engraved letters and unique architecture drives many people to the outside of the building, its the inside that really captures attention.

"Our motto is live work and play, so this is exactly where we are at this point," said co-owner, Steve Khatchadourian.

There are now lofts overlooking downtown Fresno, along with work and offices spaces on higher levels. There's the historic bankers ballroom with high ceilings and chandeliers, an underground vault and theater used for events and there's even the quail state bar for fun, and the Loft Hair salon.

"The history about this building, you can't find it anywhere else, the architecture that's here -- what that means to me is it separates me from the masses," said salon owner, George Garcia.

George Garcia's hair studio has occupied the building for 14 years and he says for his clients that travel from around the valley to get their hair done, they're amazed by what they see.

"When they come into our building, our doors open up for them, we have automatic doors that just open up, and the reaction on their face is always the same, 'they're like oh my god, I don't even feel like I'm in Fresno anymore," said Garcia.

For Mayor Dyer and the co-owner of the building, they understand the future is now and want more spaces like this to help revitalize downtown.

"It also demonstrates that their is a renaissance that is occurring in downtown Fresno, not just with the pacific southwest building, but with a number of buildings," said Mayor Dyer.

"I just encourage people to come to downtown Fresno, check out other buildings, check out this building and have closer ties to downtown, because every successful city, needs a great downtown," said Khatchadourian.

The co-owner says when they first got the building in 2011 it was 95 percent vacant, and now its 95 percent occupied.

He also says the 100 year anniversary of the grand opening is next January, and they plan to have a huge gala to celebrate.

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