Stop and savor specialty coffee at 'Hola Cafecito' in downtown Hanford

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Wednesday, November 8, 2023
Stop and savor specialty coffee at 'Hola Cafecito' in downtown Hanford
Hola Cafecito in Hanford has been open for two months and is offering a taste of Mexican culture through its signature lattes and baked goods.

HANFORD, Calif. (KFSN) -- "As soon as people step in here they say I don't feel like I'm in Hanford," Hola Cafecito's co-owner Elizabeth Moreno said.

Located in the heart of Hanford, Hola Cafecito is serving coffee so good you'll want to stop and savor.

"In our homes, we grew up drinking cafecito as little kid," Moreno said. "And so hola we just wanted to be inviting to everyone."

Across the street from Civic Center park off of North Irwin Street and Lacey Boulevard, Moreno opened the cafe with her husband and brother to showcase the flavors of Mexico.

"We use a lot of Mexican spices so we use canela, a lot which is cinnamon, we use a Oaxacan mocha instead of a regular mocha and add cinnamon to that," Moreno said

The Avenal native says it was a dream come true opening a business in Hanford.

"My brother and I grew up coming to Hanford every weekend it was the closest Walmart -- the closest I guess you can say big city," Moreno said.

Now the speciality coffee shop's Cafe de olla has everyone talking.

"It was created by the Las Adelitas in the Mexican revolution war," Moreno said. "It has piloncillo, anise, cloves, orange peel, a brown sugar and cinnamon."

The owners source beans from Fulton Street Coffee in Fresno and Protecto Diaz in Oakland.

Mazapan can be found in the brownies and signature latte.

"Mazapan is a peanut based candy and so it comes in a powdered form and so we crush it and add caramel espresso to that and people just love that," Moreno said.

Pair your drink with baked goods or avocado toast.

"We serve an avocado toast with microgreens and a special salsa matcha," Moreno said.

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