Idaho murders: Maddie Mogen's father describes reading evidence against suspect, 'I just cried'

New details emerge about Bryan Kohberger's actions before his arrest

ByMola Lenghi ABCNews logo
Thursday, January 12, 2023
Idaho College Murders Updates
Idaho College Murders Updates

MOSCOW, Idaho -- Bryan Kohberger, the suspect in the Idaho college murders investigation, is due in court Thursday as students return to classes.

Investigators are also now sharing new details about the suspect's alleged actions just before his arrest.

This, as Madison and Kaylee's families speak out about the case.

ABC News is learning from a law enforcement source that federal investigators observed him in Pennsylvania around 4 a.m. as he discarded garbage in his neighbors trash bins just days before his arrest. Trash ending up being key in the case.

Police have also linked Kohberger to the murders by collecting his father's DNA from trash outside the family home and matching that to DNA they say they discovered on "the button snap" of a knife sheath that was on the bed next to the body of victim Madison Mogen.

"If I had one or two words to describe Maddie May, it would be just an, an angel and that she was, she just made me proud," said Mogen's father, Ben Moren.

Ben spoke about his daughter Madison to ABC News and describing the moment law enforcement told him they'd made an arrest in the case.

"He said, 'Ben, this is the day that we've been waiting for,'" he recalled.

Ben also described his emotions while reading the evidence law enforcement say they had gathered against Kohberger.

"I just -- I broke down, and I just. I just cried -- I could only take so much of that, and I just, uh I cried and I still haven't read the rest of it," the grieving father said.

The police affidavit claims investigators believe the four college students were killed between 4 a.m. and 4:25 a.m. They said one of the surviving roommates was awake at the time of the murders and told police she witnessed the intruder, describing seeing a masked man coming toward her before he walked out through a sliding glass door. The roommate then locking her door.

Police also said later that morning, the two surviving roommates called friends to the house because they thought one of the victims had simply passed out and wasn't waking up.

The 911 call finally coming around noon.

Officials said the two surviving roommates are not suspects.

Overnight, Kaylee Goncalves' sister, Alivea, said Kaylee and Madison did everything right that night.

"They went out together. They went out for a ride. They went to a known establishment. They did everything that you would want your daughter or your sister to do in that situation," Alivea said. "We were supposed to grow up together, that's your God-given best friend. And so we're left with not only missing them and exactly who they were but wondering who exactly they were going to become."

On campus classes began second semester courses this week with heightened security.

Meanwhile, Kohberger, who has been extradited back to Idaho last week, is scheduled to be in court Thursday.