1 arrested and more than 300 animals found during cockfight ring bust in NE Harris Co.

Authorities say they arrested one person and found at least 306 animals following a significant cockfight ring bust in Texas.

Neighbors say they had no idea what was allegedly going on behind the fenced property.

Precinct 1 Constable Al Rosen says they found an elaborate scene with stadium-style seating.

"It's extremely rare to catch a cockfighting ring like this. It's very rare," said Rosen.

He added a citizen's tip led them to more than 300 roosters, hens, eggs, and chicks found on the scene. One rooster was transported by an SPCA ambulance with the Houston SPCA assisting with hundreds more.

"Our first steps are for the veterinarians to check them out. We don't know if there is anything that is wrong with them. If they've had serious internal injuries. We'll have to take a look at that. What we have to do before anything is to have ownership and that will come from a judge in order for us to have full custody," said Julie Kuenstle, VP of Communications and Marketing for Houston SPCA.

Tow trucks lined Mooney Road to remove cars left by those who took off on foot when deputies arrived.

Rosen says 40-50 people ran from the scene and birds were in cages in some of the cars.

"They had a lot of birds here. In my opinion either someone got tired of hearing the fighting going on or maybe a kid was traumatized by seeing it."

Constable Rosen says the owner of the property has been arrested and faces a promotion of cockfighting misdemeanor charge, but more charges could be added.

"I'm just thankful a citizen stepped forward and let us know about this," said Rosen.
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