Investigator of deadly crash grilled on the stand

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Investigator of deadly crash grilled on the stand
Brokton Bakman has a legal team of attorneys at his side hoping the case will never make it to trial.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- For four hours the lead Fresno Police investigator who handled a deadly crash was grilled on the stand Tuesday.

The case involves a driver who police say was under the influence -- and a victim who was also high on methamphetamine.

The hearing today focused on intense questioning by an LA-based attorney representing Brokton Bakman.

The 29-year-old has a legal team of attorneys at his side hoping the case will never make it to trial.

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The only witness who saw Bakman moments before the deadly crash testified. Defense attorney Peter Jones showed him a picture as he pointed to the street.

Jones said, "That's where you first saw the pedestrian, and he never moved?" The witness, Danny Medeiros replied, "Yeah."

Medeiros was driving to work last March when he saw a pedestrian standing on Shaw Avenue in northwest Fresno. Medeiros said he didn't remember many specific details. But he did recall how he felt when he saw the defendant's truck heading toward the pedestrian.

Deputy District Attorney, Esmeralda Garcia said, "What did you say to yourself?"

Medeiros said, "He's going to hit him, he's going to hit him."

Attorney Felipe Plascencia used toy cars as he questioned Jeremy Maffei, the lead Fresno Police investigator, and a member of the department's highly specialized Collision Reconstruction Unit.

Maffei has testified, that despite the victim's drug levels, the cause of the collision was Bakman. Plascencia spent hours on Tuesday asking how Maffei formulated the results of his collision analysis and pointed out other elements that could have altered the findings.

Plascencia said, "We don't know what occurred, correct? Just based on the dynamics of the collision and the statements of Mr. Medeiros."

Plascencia brought up countless hypothetical scenarios and possibilities that weren't explored.

Among them, that Bakman's altered speech was from a severe case of the flu and that he walked slowly because of other preexisting injuries.

Plascencia also pointed to the dead victim Joshua Whittington and his state of mind during the crash.

Plascencia said, "Mr. Whittington had drugs in his system that were toxic. Beyond toxic levels, correct?"

Fresno Police Officer Jeremy Maffei replied, "Yes."

Plascencia continued, "So again we don't know if he crawled his way into the number one lane from either direction, correct?"

Maffei said, "Yes."

Defense attorneys also asked the detective if Bakman's older model truck with headlights that were foggy may have provided less light since they were dull and aged.

Maffei said it's possible.

The preliminary hearing will continue Wednesday.