Javence's Pizzeria reopens in southeast Fresno serving up carne asada pizzas and more

The restaurant serves pizza and some Mexican food with a twist.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Meat is being grilled up at Javence's Pizzeria in southeast Fresno as employees get ready for its grand opening in a new location at Orange and Butler Avenues.

The restaurant serves pizza and some Mexican food with a twist.

"We're Mexican, obviously, and we just wanted to combine it. Why not. Where can you go where you can get a pepperoni pizza for the kids? Kids love the pizza, but you want tacos. Hey, you can get your tacos here, you can get your pizza here, you can get your wings. We have a little bit of everything," said Veronica Womack of Javence Pizzeria.

The Cruz family of Fresno owns Javence. They started their own business in 2016 across the street from Roosevelt. They created the carne asada pizza.

"They come from Oakland. They come from Los Angeles. Oh, I saw you on social media. We came to try your pizza.' It's been a big, big hit," Womack said.

Business was going well until the shutdowns and their landlord sold the property they were renting.

"It was very hard. The past year was very difficult. With the whole COVID thing, not only was I about to lose my business. My mother caught COVID, and it was a very difficult year," Womack said.

They were able to find a new location at Orange and Butler Avenues. The owner had to sell because of the pandemic.

"I just feel like when something is for you. Nobody or anything can come against you when He has a plan," Womack said.
The couple says they heard from customers about where they still go, but they felt strong roots in the neighborhood.

"We love it here. It might not be the best side of town, but everyone has been so kind and respectful and shown us so much love and support that we didn't want to leave," Womack said

The couple's seven kids are also involved in helping run the business.

A dream that is still going strong despite setbacks they've encountered.

You can try the carne asada pizza and other varieties.

Javence pizzeria's grand opening is Friday. They're open daily except for Wednesdays.

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