Kaba Baby makes eco-friendly clothing that represents unsung heroes for the next generation

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Monday, April 10, 2023
Philly-based Kaba Baby spotlights people of color in baby clothing
Best friends from Ethiopia join forces to launch Kaba Baby, a kids' clothing line that provides a voice for unsung heroes and representation for little ones!

PHILADELPHIA -- Kaba Baby is bringing eco-friendly representation in clothing to the little kings and queens of the next generation!

"The pieces might be for the children, but the story's for the whole family," said co-owner Rewina Kahssay.

Kahssay and Tyobista Girma met in Ethiopia when they were children.

Now based in Philadelphia, the duo started a children's clothing brand, Kaba Baby.

"We kind of noticed that kids that looked like us don't have a lot of images in the clothes they wear and the toys they play with," said Tyobista Girma.

Kaba Baby's mission is to feature unsung heroes and trailblazers in various diverse communities as role models for children.

"We highlight their achievements so little ones could follow in their footsteps," said Kahssay.

Kaba Baby also focuses on being eco-friendly in their materials and distribution products.

"We love the world as much as we love our kids...we're leaving this world intact for the next generation," said Kahssay.

Using 100% organic cotton allows for clothing that is comfortable for the babies and children while retaining eco-friendly properties.

The Kaba Baby website promotes recommendations for inspiring unsung heroes they should feature next. You can follow them on Instagram at @shopkabababy.