Fire solutions? Different views from VP candidate, governor, Fresno supervisor

The senator met with emergency service personnel in Fresno at 12 p.m. on Tuesday for an update on the wildfires.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris and Governor Gavin Newsom got a good look at the effects of the Creek Fire Tuesday.

Their tour took them to the Red Cross evacuation center at Clovis North, but first they saw the fire damage in person.

Charred pine trees, blackened hillsides, and a torched playground served as the backdrop for Harris and Newsom to talk about the impact of climate change.

"This is just a fact," said Sen. Harris, gesturing towards the playground. "And we have to do better as a country. We have to understand that California, like so many other parts of our country, is experiencing extreme weather conditions."

"The hots are getting hotter," said Gov. Newsom. "The dries are getting drier. Climate change is real. If you don't believe in science, come to California and observe with your own eyes."

Firefighters briefed the Democrats about their efforts with more than 2,600 people working the fire - but only half as many as they'd usually have for a fire this size because of other big fires around the state.

The fire team mentioned their success at saving some communities and the challenges they face on the fire lines.

Fresno County supervisor Nathan Magsig says one of those challenges is something the Democrats didn't mention.

"Of course the fuel loads on the forest floor have contributed to this being one of the fastest fires in the history of California, so we need to be actively managing our forest and of course that creates jobs too," he said.

Magsig said logging supported some of the mountain communities until recently.

Sen. Harris said there are environmentally friendly ways to support the work force as well.

"When we look at what we can do, what's within our grasp to address this: to invest in solar panels, wind turbines," she said.. To invest in infrastructure that allows us to mitigate against predictable damage. That's also about the creation of jobs."

Senator Harris and Governor Newsom stopped at a Fresno fire station and delivered sack lunches on their way out of town.

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