Leaders working to decrease crashes at busy Kings County intersection

KINGS COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- 18th and Kansas Avenue is a busy intersection in Kings County and can be a dangerous one since it's currently only a two-way stop.

But in the coming months, it will be a four-way stop.

"We have a responsibility to motor and public to make sure these intersections are as safe as they can be," says Public Works Director and Roads Commissioner Dominic Tyburski.

Every month, the Public Works department in Kings County looks at the top 20 intersections where the most accidents have taken place.

"That is based on accident reports from CHP," Tyburski said. "They go into a database and if the intersections appear they are approaching warrants which might require an all-way stop, then we do a deeper dive."

This means they look at how many collisions took place in the last year that could have been prevented.

"At this intersection within a 12-month period, there were six collisions, all of which were correctable with an all-way stop," Tyburski said.

Tyburski says it's critical action is taken as soon as possible to prevent more crashes from happening.

"We just caution people to drive slow and not try to beat that last car," he said. "Those extra 30 seconds will not get you there any faster and it could save lives, including your own."

Signs alerting drivers of the changes will be put two weeks before and after the new stop signs are placed to promote awareness.
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