Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos celebrate 1st anniversary as 'Live' co-hosts

ByJoelle Garguilo OTRC logo
Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos celebrate anniversary as 'Live' co-hosts
Joelle Garguilo has the story on the couple's first year as co-hosts.

NEW YORK -- Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have much to celebrate: successful careers, 28 years of marriage, three amazing children and now their first anniversary as co-hosts of "Live."

"I will say that this year has definitely been the fastest year of my life, I cannot believe it's gone this fast," Consuelos said.

Viewers may feel like this is the way the show was always meant to be.

"It really does, we say it all the time, it just feels right," Ripa said. "And we were sort of the biggest naysayers, we did not think it would be a good idea. You know, what could a husband and wife add to a morning television program like ours."

It turns out they add a lot of humor and some friendly marital competition. And they are still learning things about each other every day.

As for favorite moments over the last year?

"I would say one moment I've been talking about is we did the Christmas show where they showed us a retrospective of our time together, having our little kids come on for little Christmas segments, and seeing them essentially grow up on the show, I started getting choked up," Conseulos said.

It was a whirlwind year that took the duo to Vegas, the Oscars and the dance floor with plenty more still to come.

Each host was asked what three words they would use to describe their last year.

"Fast, learning and thrilling," Consuelos said.

Ripa agreed with fast and thrilling, but offered a third word of choice.

"I'm gonna say spellbinding, he really has made this show his own in a way that I've not seen before, and you really brought in like a new energy and an overall energy -- and energy not just in front of the house, in front of the audience, but backstage there is an energy and an atmospheric shift...and I credit Mark entirely with that," Ripa said.

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