Central California high school newspaper will run story on porn worker

STOCKTON, Calif. -- A Central California school district will allow a high school newspaper to publish a profile of an 18-year-old student who works in the porn industry.

The Stockton Record reports that the Lodi Unified School District won't prevent the article's publication Friday in The Bruin Voice at Bear Creek High School in Stockton.

The paper's adviser, teacher Kathi Duffel, had accused district officials of censorship after they demanded to preview and approve the article and threatened her with possible firing if she refused.

Duffel refused on free speech grounds, and the district agreed to allow her attorney to review the article. He found it didn't violate the state education code, which permits censorship of obscene articles in school newspapers.

However, the district says it hasn't reviewed and doesn't endorse the article.
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