Man shot and killed in Madera on New Year's Eve identified

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Tuesday, January 2, 2024
35-year-old man shot and killed in Madera identified
The man who was shot and killed in Madera on Sunday has been identified as 35-year-old Carlos Bazante.

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- A deadly shooting in a neighborhood full of families celebrating New Year's Eve is sending shock waves through a Madera community on Monday.

Just before 8 pm Sunday, Madera police were called to reports of a car crash and gunfire near East 14th and B Streets.

When officers arrived, they found 35-year-old Carlos Bazante shot. He died at the scene.

Madera police say Carlos Bazante lived just around the corner from where he was shot.

His home was so close that his family was able to walk to the crime scene.

Even with people out in the street celebrating the New Year, police are still working to identify the shooter and a motive.

Police believe that Bazante was shot while driving, causing him to crash.

Sunday night's violence is upsetting to neighbors but not entirely unheard of in the area.

"It's an older neighborhood. Quiet is a good way to describe it. It's an area that has gang graffiti and has been prone to gang violence in the past," explained Madera Police Sgt. Matthew McCombs.

McCombs says at least 15 rounds were fired, six of which hit the vehicle.

One round hit a house, but no one else was shot.

McCombs believes that a single shooter was standing on the sidewalk when they pulled the trigger.

"It's same caliber casings were found in the different locations where casings were found. So, it's a high probability it's one but we don't know that for a fact," said McCombs.

Bazante's death marks the third homicide in Madera in 2023.

27-year-old Thomas Aparicio was killed off Club Drive and Clark Street on January 12 after an argument.

Two men were arrested for his murder.

21-year-old Gonzalo Barrios was charged with murder, and 20-year-old Jose Perez with accessory charges.

The second homicide is still unsolved.

On May 17, Joaquin Navarette was shot and killed outside his home as he returned from work.

Navarette had just been released from prison three weeks prior and was living at home with his mom.

Police say suspects were waiting for the 28-year-old at his home, but they haven't been able to identify who those suspects are.

McCombs called it frustrating to see how little care someone can have for their community shooting in a neighborhood where families are out celebrating, like in the shooting Sunday night.

He says they're still working to collect surveillance video and witness statements, hoping someone can provide information to help break the case.

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