Proposed state legislation could allow legal home deliveries of marijuana across California

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Pizza, pasta, and now pot? Cannabis supporters are pushing to add marijuana deliveries to Fresno's menu. Not everyone is happy.

"It is literally the walking dead. There are zombies, people high as a kite. It is now cheaper to buy marijuana and get high than it is to drink a 40 of malt liquor," said Pastor Eli Loera

For the last two years, Proposition 64 gave the city the power to prohibit pot stores and services from opening here. Now, California's Bureau of Cannabis Control wants to change the law. They want marijuana businesses to be able to deliver to any private address in the state, even if it's banned there.

"There is always going to be a black market for things that people want...that the government says no to," said Fresno City Councilmember Clint Olivier.

Opponents say the delivery rule change is inappropriate and undermines local authority. They also fear it will contribute to more crime.

"Hundreds of drivers are coming into our city, and we know this because we've seen an uptick in police activity with them being carjacked and them being robbed," said Loera

Medical and recreational marijuana are currently illegal in Fresno, but a quick search on the app "Weed Maps" shows the abundance of black market sellers willing to deliver pot to your front door. It's why some city leaders like Councilmember Olivier are pushing for legalization here.

"There are going to be cannabis deliveries in the City of Fresno. The question is does the City of Fresno license our own so that we can harness that tax revenue to go out and crack down on the black market," said Olivier.

The Bureau of Cannabis Control has been holding public hearings about this proposal across the state. The last of the three will be on the 27th in Sacramento.
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