Mountain communities preparing for winter storms

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Thursday, February 1, 2024
Mountain communities preparing for winter storms
Mountain communities are taking precautions ahead of the atmospheric river.

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Mountain communities are taking precautions ahead of the atmospheric river.

Snow caps the mountains around Shaver Lake and more is expected in the coming days as remnants from the last storm still linger around town.

In lower elevations, including Auberry, it's rain that's expected and residents are getting prepared.

Auberry resident Jim Osborne said after last year's hisoric storms, he's being proactive.

"The place I live we're on a hill and water just courses down the hill and takes a lot of mud with it and I'd like to try to eliminate that as much as possible," said Osborne.

While residents focus on their properties the California Highway Patrol is monitoring the roadways. Officer Mike Salas says while they're hoping for the best they're anticipating and preparing for the worst.

"If you're heading up from the bottom of the four lane all the way up to the top near Shaver and up further near Huntington Lake you can expect to see the Highway Patrol out here, expect to see CalTrans," said Salas. "If its falling to the point where we believe snow chains are going to be required we're going to be stopping every single car and making sure that they are going to be equipped with those snow chains."

They're asking that you take your own precautions.

"Prepare yourself," said Salas. "Dress warm, have some extra clothing, maybe an extra gear bag of either snacks or water."

CalTrans crews are ready to clear roadways, but Officer Salas suggests delaying your plans if you're not prepared or experienced with driving in the snow.

Salas suggests if you've never put snow chains on your car before practice at home in the garage. Remember, the chains go on the wheels with power, front for front-wheel drive and rear for rear-wheel drive. If you have all-wheel drive, he suggests putting them on the wheels with the steering column.

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