Napa Valley Wine Train serves guests gourmet dinner while hosting murder mystery

ByChris Bollini Localish logo
Tuesday, October 25, 2022
Napa Wine Train serves up dinner and murder mystery
Guests solve a fictitious murder while enjoying Napa's finest food and wine aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train.

NAPA, Calif. -- Every year, people from around the world come to Napa Valley to enjoy its incredible food, unforgettable wine, and breathtaking views. One of the most memorable ways to experience it all is aboard the historic Napa Valley Wine Train.

"The Napa Valley Wine Train is more than a restaurant on wheels. It's an attraction that can create memories that last a lifetime," General Manager of the Napa Valley Wine Train Nathan Davis shares, "It really does transport you into a different place, a different time."

Visitors to the area can choose from many different experiences.

"The 'Legacy Experience' is a six-hour experience," Davis reveals. "It includes three wine tasting stops, a five-course meal and the best entertainment."

However, one of the unique events involves a murder mystery.

"Murder mysteries on a train is like classic," Northern California Director of The Murder Mystery Company Emeri enthusiastically says.

"It's such a popular trope like in literature, in movies, in media," participant Jason adds.

"I wanted to make what I saw on TV come true," participant Nicole declares.

The Murder Mystery Co. offers different themes to choose from, but the most popular is a 1920s gangster mystery.

"It put me back in the 20s," partaker Kevin says, "Everybody dressed up in costume in some way, shape, or form."

"It was a very unique experience where I felt almost like I was in a movie," participant Krystal shares.

Over the course of the evening, guests work together to solve a fictitious murder.

"What is really special about what we do is that we are not performing a show for people to watch, but we are actually putting on a show that they get to participate in," Emeri explains.

The evening's mystery is accompanied by a three-course gourmet meal.

"Quality food that is prepared from scratch every day from the best producers as local as we can find, from a team that is bar none the best in the valley," Davis announces, "We feature the wine list from the best of our selection from Napa Valley."

"The entree was wonderful, the dessert was perfect," participant Nicole states.

Whether guests successfully identify the murderer or not, it's no mystery that the evening turns out to be a great time.

"A phenomenally, fun evening that we absolutely loved," Kevin says.

"This is one of the best memories," Nicole comments.

"When people arrive, they arrive as strangers," Davis notes, "When they walk out of our train station at the end of the day, they leave as friends or family."

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