Crime fail: Customers at Atlanta nail salon ignore man trying to rob them staff KABC logo
Saturday, July 8, 2023
Robbery foiled by indifference at Atlanta nail salon
A would-be robber found a life of crime is hard when your victims just don't seem to care.

ATLANTA -- A would-be robber found out crime is not as easy as he thought.

Video released by Atlanta police shows the man, his hand in a bag, enter a nail salon and start shouting "everybody get down! Get down. Give me all your money."

The customers look unimpressed.

They stare at him and barely move or change their expressions.

One customer eventually does stand up and raise her hands. When he confronts her directly, instead of handing over money she slowly backs out the door.

Eventually the robber realizes he's not getting anywhere with this crowd. Stunned that trying to rob people armed only with sheer bravado does not work, he takes a moment to look around, then turns and walks out the door.

Police say he did swipe a cell phone from the woman who stood up, but it was later recovered.

The suspect remains outstanding.