Pallet Shelters in Mariposa provide more emergency housing options

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Thursday, April 11, 2024
Pallet Shelters in Mariposa provide more emergency housing options
New emergency housing units are being built in Mariposa to help people struggling with homelessness get back on their feet.

MARIPOSA, Calif. (KFSN) -- New emergency housing units are being built in Mariposa to help people who are struggling with homelessness get back on their feet.

Community leaders say there are multiple reasons why people fall into homelessness.

Some of those people live at a homeless encampment next to the Mariposa Health & Human Services Agency.

As can be imagined, people there have gone through some tough times.

One woman who lives there shared her story with Action News.

"I lost a child, a husband, in a very short amount of time," she said.

"Then, I got dropped off here. It wasn't something I ever experienced or planned on. For me, I'm now just now coming out of my head."

The homeless encampment in Mariposa will officially be closed on May 1st.

The state awarded Mariposa County a grant of more than $600,000.

The county used that money to help people living in that camp either transition into tiny homes or find different types of support services.

"Anybody's that in the homeless community are there because of a trauma that's happened in their life," said Hal Nolen, the program director at Connection Emergency Shelter.

"Even if it's just simply a matter of you've lost your housing."

The county also used the grant to secure the Pallet Shelters.

There are 12 single units and three double-occupant units.

The Pallet Shelters will be able to provide temporary housing for up to 18 people.

Nolen showed Action News what the two-person unit looks like on the inside and showed us what kind of features the tiny shelters offer.

"For the Pallet Shelters, they come with heating and air conditioning," said Nolen. "They also have lighting that's built in. They have safety and security features that are in built in as well."

The tiny shelters do not having running water, but people staying at the shelters would also be able to use the restroom facilities on-site.

While there is no application process, nor is it on a first come first serve basis, Nolen said they look at each person's circumstances when it comes to staying in the tiny shelter.

He adds that people would be able to stay in the shelter for up to 60 days, but that can be extended.

"When somebody comes to us, they put together a housing plan with their case manager and that will allow them to work towards a housing goal," said Nolen.

Mariposa County leaders said the Pallet Shelters are a collaborative effort between county agencies and community groups.

"It really is critical to the success of this project and to making individual and community differences for those we serve," said Mandi Brum, a program administrator for the System of Care at HHSA.

"It's really kind of been an all hands-on deck approach."

Nolen said by giving people a place to sleep and feel protected, it makes a difference in trying to get them into more permanent housing.

The Pallet Shelters arrived last month. Mariposa County and Connection Emergency Shelter hopes to the have shelters up and running by either by the end of the month or early May.

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