Exotic animals, including pigs & snakes, found in Macungie hoarding home

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Authorities pull animals from Allentown hoarding home
Authorities pull animals from Allentown hoarding home. Jeannette Reyes reports during Action News Mornings on October 16, 2018.

ALLENTOWN, Pa. -- It was a wild scene outside of a Lehigh County home as investigators worked into the night to remove more than 100 animals, many of them exotic.

The animals were being transported to the Lehigh County Humane Society in Allentown to be inventoried and treated.

"I've never seen anything like this," shelter manager Tisha Jones said.

Authorities were first called to the Macungie property after receiving complaints about incessant barking.

They'd arrive to find not only dogs, but rabbits, birds, even pigs and large snakes, which presented a danger to the community.

"A constrictor of that size, a 15-foot constrictor, there are small animals that live in the neighborhood, young children, it's very dangerous," Jones said.

Raw Video: Exotic animals rescued from Lehigh Valley home on October 15, 2018.

Officials say the animals lived on top of each other in deplorable conditions. Some were found dead, most others were emaciated or dehydrated.

The home reeked of animal waste making it difficult for investigators and volunteers to breathe and see clearly, forcing them to use equipment firefighters use when navigating through thick black smoke.

"We had to go in using the fireman's equipment, respirators," Humane Police Officer Barbara Morgan said.

Because they have so many exotic animals, the Humane Society is looking for homes that are knowledgeable and skilled in handling different types of animals. However, because the investigation is ongoing, it will be some time before the pets can leave.

For now, the Humane Society is looking for monetary donations to take care of all these animals. To help, visit https://thelehighcountyhumanesociety.org/donations/ or email Lchsemail@gmail.com with any questions. They are also looking for experienced dog walkers.