Woman apologizes after posting video making fun of toddler's weight at North Philly daycare

Gray Hall Image
Friday, December 21, 2018
Mom apologizes after posting mean video of toddler at daycare
Mom apologizes after posting mean video of toddler at daycare. Gray Hall reports during Action News at 5 p.m. on December 20, 2018.

PHILADELPHIA -- It's a video no mother should have to see and experience, and no child should have to endure.

This encounter at Amazing Kidz Academy in North Philadelphia shows a parent filming a toddler at the facility and then belittling the child about her weight.

The parent, who does not want to be identified, tells Action News she is extremely remorseful and admits what she did was wrong.

"It was nothing to hurt anyone or like anything bad towards the little girl. I really would like to apologize to her mother more because I am a mother, at the end of the day, and I couldn't imagine anyone doing this to my son," she said.

Parents and those with loved ones at the daycare were outraged when they heard and saw the video.

Cilah Velez-Reid of North Philadelphia said, "That is cruel, that is way out of line for somebody to do that to a child, especially telling them that they are fat."

"That is terrible. Who would want anyone to do that to their child especially at a daycare center? You are expecting all the privacy in the world," added Cindy Mondragon of Northeast Philadelphia.

The mother who posted the clip says the video was meant to be delivered as a private message to another mother at the daycare, but accidentally got posted on her Instagram account. It was copied and plastered on social media. Being a mother herself, she says she realizes how hurtful her actions and words were.

"I am 22, you make dumb mistakes and I regret it. I regret it, I really do," she said.

Amazing Kidz says it was saddened to hear about what it calls a mean and senseless post.

It a statement, it said in part, "The person who filmed and posted the video did not have our permission to do so. The post was not made by any of our staff. An investigation is underway to uncover the facts."

As for that mother behind the clip, she says she's learned from her actions and hopes that she is forgiven and can move on.

"I reached out to the mom via my friend's Facebook page and I don't know if she responded yet. I spoke to the director and she was pretty upset. I am pretty sure my son won't be able to go there anymore, but I got to deal with my consequences," she said.