Porterville rejects resolution to back Federal lawsuit against California

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Friday, May 4, 2018
Porterville rejects resolution to back Federal lawsuit against California
The Porterville City Council rejected a resolution that would have sided with a Federal lawsuit against California.

PORTERVILLE, Calif. (KFSN) -- Sparks flew in the South Valley as the Porterville City Council voted on whether to support the Federal Lawsuit against the California Values Act. The council voted 4-1 in opposition to the proposed resolution.

Ola Raza Executive Director Roberto de la Rosa says he considers the resolution "extremely bad policy for Porterville to take a public position on it. Especially a position that's totally against the people of Porterville, totally against immigrants and totally against people of color."

The Attorney General's legal action cites three California laws: AB450, AB103 and SB54, or the California Values Act.

It states that local law enforcement agencies won't ask about immigration status during routine interactions. It also bans unconstitutional detainer requests and prohibits local authorities from aiding or doing the work of immigration agents.

Resolution author Councilman Cameron Hamilton says, "SB54 was basically a stick in the eye to the federal government because of California being upset with the president of the United States being elected and therefore, it's all politics."

De La Rosa says, "The city council should've just left it alone and let the court take care of what they're supposed to be doing."

After a 4-1 vote against the resolution, Porterville will not be joining the growing list of cities and counties showing solidarity with the Trump administration's legal actions.

Councilman Cameron said, "Supposedly, the representatives of California are representing us and to have this many cities getting behind the A.G. suing them, obviously we didn't feel we're being represented well in California."

Organizations like Ola Raza, ACLU, and the ICE out of Tulare County Coalition voiced their opposition of the proposed resolution, saying Porterville needs to uphold its values of compassion and protection for its residents.