Porterville pranksters place fake In-N-Out coming soon signs

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- In the South Valley, deceiving signage on a temporary chain-link fence in Porterville had many people believing that an In-N-Out was being built, but it turns out, it was all a prank.

The sign was posted on Thursday on the fence where construction is underway for Aldi's grocery store near State Route 190 and South Jaye street.

But it turns out, pranksters called the "Geek Tech team" had come up with the plan to tease nearby residents, and it worked.

Several people tweeted their excitement, only to realize it was all a joke.

This wasn't the first time the "Geek Tech team" has pranked people in Porterville. Not too long ago a similar sign that read "In-N-Out Burger, Here Soon" popped up at an old Starbucks location in the town.

If you were holding out hope that there may still be a location being built, we spoke with an In-N-Out representative, and they confirmed there are not any plans of their restaurant opening in Porterville anytime soon.
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