Keeping cool at the Merced County Fair amid high temperatures

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Friday, June 7, 2024
Merced County Fair working to keep crowds safe amid high temperatures
The fair is in town at the Merced County Fairgrounds, and so is the heat.

MERCED COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- The fair is in town at the Merced County Fairgrounds, and so is the heat.

Merced County Fairgrounds CEO Teresa Burrola says the fair used to be held in July, but it's since moved to the beginning of June.

She explains even though temperatures are hot, there are still plenty of cool things to explore at the fair.

"We have ways to cool off. We have shaved ice. We have cool buildings to be in," explained Burrola.

In addition, Merced College has set up a space for fair-goers to keep cool throughout the day.

Burrola adds concerts begin late in the day to allow people to enjoy a show in a cooler setting.

But people aren't the only ones trying to keep cool.

"Just like the kids, and just like you and I, when we go to a new place, it's a little stressful. So, we try and make sure that we are helping our animal partners so that they stay as calm and hydrated as they can," said Terri O' Leary- Collins, livestock superintendent.

Future Farmers of America participant Jenna Freitas says it's one of the hottest summers she's competed in.

"We gotta make sure these pigs stay cool," said Freitas.

But she's ensuring her girl Millie gets a lot of love and attention during this heat wave.

"I take them to the washer, probably every hour, hour and a half, just to keep them cool. I have a cooler at my pin, and each animal has one fan. They do tend to get hot, So I use a sprayer with ice water in it, and I make sure they have access to water all the time," said Jenna Freitas with Future Farmers of America.

The fair opens at 5 pm during the week and 3 pm on the weekend.

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