California votes to make Daylight Saving Time year-round

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018
Prop 7 to allow Daylight Saving Time change approved in California
Voters approved Proposition 7, the first step toward permanent year-round daylight saving time.

California voters say it's time to stop resetting clocks twice a year. Voters approved Proposition 7, the first step toward permanent year-round Daylight Saving Time.

The measure still requires a two-thirds vote from the Legislature and a change in federal law to take effect.

Democratic Rep. Kansen Chu of San Jose says he sponsored Proposition 7 because changing the clocks twice a year is a hassle.

He says it's also been shown to increase the risk of car accidents and heart attacks following the spring change when people lose an hour's sleep after moving clocks forward.

The issue was fresh on voters' minds when they headed to polls Tuesday. California and most of the rest of the nation fell back an hour to standard time last Sunday.

Not all states observe Daylight Saving Time nor are they required to by law. Arizona and Hawaii don't currently observe DST and Indiana only started observing it in 2006.

Proponents of Proposition 7 said that changing our clocks twice a year is hazardous to personal health and public safety. They say workplace injuries, car accidents, and even heart attacks markedly increase in the days after we "spring forward."

Supporters of DST said more daylight is always preferable. With more daylight, people have more time for outdoor activities and some statistics even point to a decrease in crime.

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