Clovis juicery offering tasty and nutritious drinks

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- New year, a new approach to a healthier lifestyle.

We checked in with a popular Valley spot that prepares organic produce and seeks to avoid pre-packaged ingredients.

Adding healthy options to the mix is always the goal, but many aren't sure how best to serve veggies like kale.

The bitterness of kale disappears in a smoothie at Raw Earth Juicery in Clovis.

"We smash everything down in a blender and mix it with things like dates, apples, berries, etcetera, so it's a lot more palatable," said owner Steve Rosales.

Ginger shots are the top seller. so here's a toast to good health.

"Ginger is one of mother nature's most powerful anti-inflammatories," said Rosales.

The staff's constantly mixing homemade almond milk to make smoothie bowls.

"Bananas, kale, cinammon, almond butter and dates," Rosales said.

They're topped with granola, coconut and chia seeds.

"We make our almond milk from scratch because we want to avoid all those added ingredients, preservatives," Rosales said.

The almond milk is then filtered through the same hydraulic press, which produces fresh cold-pressed juice.

"This is what's extending the shelf life of your juice because there's no heat involved," Rosales said.

The shelf life of the juices lasts three days since there are no preservatives. Steve wants people to go green.

"Green juice? It's very off-putting, so I make sure to give them a sample of that because the reaction is always every time is 'wow, that's really good,'" he said.

So was the signature smoothie with sliced bananas, berries and dates.

The offerings don't include dairy products or ice.

"But in the end, it's fewer ingredients, much healthier. It's closer to being a whole food," Rosales said.

He says business always picks up in January, "People are becoming more aware of their health. They just did a lot of bad damage over the holidays to their health."

Every week we ask our viewers on social media about their go-to spots for specific types of foods in the Valley, and then we pick a place to put in the spotlight for Dine-N-Dish.

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