Petaluma's Sax's Joint serves biggest pancake in Bay Area

ByChris Bollini Localish logo
Tuesday, February 22, 2022
This diner serves up the biggest pancake you've ever seen
This family owned 50's style diner serves up delicious breakfast and lunch.

PETALUMA, Calif. -- If you have ever wanted to take a trip back in time and enjoy a meal made from scratch, Saxs Joint in Petaluma is the perfect destination.

"It's like a 50s diner. They got the music. They got the decor," longtime customer Rick Roumas shares.

"Good home-cooked food, friendly service, and a smile," co-owner Kimberly Saxelby adds.

Saxs offers plenty of signature dishes like TTs French toast, cinnamon and sugar-dusted sourdough bread served with marionberry cream cheese, but it's the size of these dishes that are a signature of its own.

"Our portions are huge, fall off the side of the plate big," Kimberly Saxelby reveals with a smile.

A great example is their pancake called, "The Joint."

"It's the biggest pancake you've ever seen," Saxelby declares.

Approximately the size of an extra-large pizza, this fluffy pancake definitely makes an impression.

"It's ginormous," Roumas announces.

"It doesn't even fit on the table," Saxs regular Sandra Chisham says, "It's so big."

Saxelby owns and operates the restaurant with her sister, Tiffany, and her mother, Julie. The family strives to create not only great food but also an inviting location for the community to connect.

"Every time you come here, you always know somebody. They treat you like family," customer Amanda Riley comments.

"It's busy all day long, but get here and try it out. It's worth it," family member Nick Kanihan says.

"People are always right here to say, 'Oh, I love that place, you know, so it makes you feel real proud,'" co-owner Julie Saxelby adds.

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